Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Outfit : White Lacy Tops

Last night, I went out for Italian restaurant and a new bar (*'U<*)b
My favorite tops for my entire life!
< Lace Lace Lace Chiffon Chiffon Chiffon >
I wasn't confident enough to wear sleeve less clothes because I didn't wanna show my arms. Then, in recent years, I have only found cute clothes without sleeves. It was a huge problem at first, but I finally gave up and decided to give it a try. Since a lot of people support "all kinds of body shapes are beautiful" in the US (in Oregon), I think I was more comfortable to make this decision than if I were in Japan.
As I said, this was one of the "cute clothes without sleeves." I felt like I just found a hidden treasure when I found this tops in tons of other clothes... haha

Are you guys ready?


Tops - White Lacy Chiffon Top from T j maxx
Bottoms - Black Stretchy Pants from H&M
Shoes - Black High Heels from DEB 

Since the top was girlish, I wore a bit more casual and boyish stuff than the top for rest of my outfit this time
. Hm... not that bad. I think I am enjoying trying this on! Isn't it the most important thing? ; fashion is supposed to make you happy and help to enjoy the time, right? I guess I overcame my fear of showing my arms a little bit. haha

I love the balance of a little girly and a little boyish.
I also love the combination of black and white.

Here is the close up for my favorite part!!
Lacy Lacy Lacy
A lot of flowers around my neck too. (*-U-*)

Give at least 1 chance to your dream outfit!
Enjoy rocking it!!
I'm sure you look really great in it.


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