Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hello, September 2014


September is the last month of my Summer vacation.

I was looking forward to being in this month, but I wasn't looking forward to it at the same time.
I have a huge trip this month, so I'm very excited~~!!
But I have to say "good bye" to the summer (only sunny season in Oregon).

I wanted to share with you about what I have done + what I really want to do in this Sep. :)

  1. Wedding + Wedding = Two Weddings
    One of them already happened - HERE. I really appreciate lovely people who include me to celebrate their sweetest moments. Everybody shares love, passion, commitment, caring, happiness, and all the other positive things with each other. Miracle day!
  2. Interview as a RA
    I have been working as a RA (RA: research assistant) with three professors. My job is basically interviewing people for 1-2 hours. It might sound boring to you, but it actually not. I love interviewing people and always get motivated by them! - Read more from HERE
  3. Plan a US Trip
  4. Book 'flights' & 'hotels'
    Garfy & I will be going on a 2-weeks-US-trip :D I am also going on small trips for attending Job Fairs! It'll be an expensive year of my entire life so far. 
  5. Eat a Cup Cake in New York
  6. Invite myself & Garfy to the Harry Potter world
  7. Dye My Hair
  8. Fix a Car
  9. Start exercising
    It's always hard to start exercising as well as continuing exercising.. I know this is always something which I ALWAYS say (it's hard for me to continue..), but I am sure it's better nothing at all.
Although I say "Hello, September" as this title, it has been September for 11 days. Time flies very quickly. (What happened!?) So, 9 things to do for this month ! I hope I can find more things to do in October since I don't have much left in Salem, Oregon!

What is your favorite thing to do in September?

Talk to you later,

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