Friday, May 16, 2014

Lazy Day

I know you guys have one of these days when you really don't wanna do anything. Anything means anything.. like Nothing Nothing. You should just relax and let the day pass you smoothly. I know I have these days way more often than I should. However, especially when you just finished huge exams or papers, don't you just wanna sit and relax for awhile? Yup, today was the day for me.

Skin Care
On my lazy day, I just use a toner from L'OCCITANE which is seriously my favorite toner ever + a moisturizer from Clinique. I heard it's better to use skin care products from one brand, but my skin doesn't really like any other products from Clinique & I recently found that skin care products from L'OCCITANE are really good for my skin. For now, I'm fine with these products. hehe
I don't really go out on my lazy day, so I really don't wear make up. I try to have at least 1 day per week for No Make-up Day since wearing make-up is not really good for skin. If I really have to go out even on my No Make-up Day or lazy day, I go out without make-up or with minimal make-up. You can't really tell my make-up from this picture because of the light and camera, but I only do my eye brows and put fake eye lashes for these days.
Hair Care
Ahhh.. I am Okay with natural hair dryer for eco!!! (just let my hair dry without doing anything) BUT I wanna protect my hair and look goooood!! For these my selfish opinions about my hair, I use Jojoba oil. I wrote about this product before, click here to read more  → Ellips Hair Vitamin 
When I have to go out, I wear jeans. I don't look good with jeans but I have them (for just in case hahaha), so I take advantage of lazy days to wear jeans. I usually wear one of my room-wear at home. Wait, I don't know if you guys call these clothes "room-wear." They aren't pajamas. They are clothes that I wear at home. When I get home or when I hang out at home, I wear them.. If you know what I am talking about, please let me know how you call these clothes in the comment below.
I usually take a bath and watch Youtube. Recently, I started watching Japanese game shows. I really believe that Japanese game shows are the weirdest but the best. If you can understand Japanese language & humor, please please please watch Japanese comedies. If not, I'm sorry. You're missing out. ahaha
Very sometimes, I do mini-games. I'm not good at playing games, so I like very simple and short games. BUT since I have a very addictive personality, I avoid playing games. haha Anyhow, the latest one which I play is 2048. You just need to add numbers in a fun way. So if you like simple and short games, I recommend you to try this ^^ (look, I won!) I can do it, so you can do it too!
This is my lazy day!
I love lazy days, but at the same time, I am kinda scared of lazy days.
I'm already a lazy person, so it's easy to be lazy... I am scared that I will have a lazy day every single day from now on. Oh, I don't want that I don't want that I don't want that. haha

What do you do on your lazy day?
Do you have any recommendations for me to try on my lazy day?
Talk to you soon,

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