Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Human Race

Today, in my Communication class, we learned about stereotyping.
The professor asked us, students, that
"How many races are there?"

All of us started saying
"million" "too many to count" "three"

As we discussed how many races are out there,
The professor put his index finger (first finger / forefinger) up and quietly said


"human race"

All the students became very quiet. It was more like nobody could say anything and argue with that.
That's it. It grabbed my heart and caught everybody's attention. I had to write this down on my note, so that I can share with you... so that I can never forget what he said and how we reacted.

Then, he asked us
"There is a girl who is half Caucasian and half black.
What ethnicity is she? What is her race? MIXED? It's not a race. What is it?"
Nobody could answer this question.

One of the students shared his experience. He is a "Caucasian" who has grown up in the US and has never been to any other country. He doesn't speak any other language but English. However, he is partially Asian. 
So, people asks him "where are you from?"
He answers "US"
Then, they go "No, No, No.. Where are you really from?"
He shared with us how frustrating that is. He mentioned that everybody is mixed and nobody is from here except Native Americans, but many people ask him the same question.

It happens to me so many times, but I don't have any problems because I am actually born and raised in Japan. It was just very sad to hear that from him. It sounds like, to me, that.. people treat him like he doesn't belong to his own country. Can you imagine that? How would you answer to the question? How would you react to that?

There is no clear line to separate people.
Why do we still force ourselves to put people into categories?

I just loved the answer; "Human Race." That was such a great lecture!
I really wish all of us can be friends no matter what categories we belong to.
I wish all of us can share the great moments together, love one another, and smile happily from our heart.

For "Human Race"


  1. I agree with your teacher. The moment I read "how many races are there" I immediatly said "one". We should not be divided by the color of our skin, or by the way our eyes are. We should not be divided at all. We're all people anyway. And yes, I agree with you. We should love one another, no matter what :)

    1. Dear. Gabrielle ★
      Thank you for the comment! Thank you for believing one race. I love it! I am really happy to know that there is somebody like YOU in the world. Your comment definitely made me happy. I am sure it will make others happy as well! Thanks again :)