Monday, January 13, 2014

Hello 2014 !!

Happy New Year
To Everyone
from Vivian and Garfy

Here is my lists of what I will do in 2014. It's very realistic for me. haha

This year, I will....

  1. Graduate from University
  2. Find a full time job
  3. Eat less
  4. Travel to at least one different country in the world
  5. Get a different hair cut
  6. Try to be ON TIME
  7. Make "working out" as part of my daily routine
  8. Write a new blog post once a week
  9. Get a driver's licence
  10. Get some licence or certificate
  11. Do all the homework
  12. Decorate my apartment well
  13. Find a new hobby
  14. Get a year older (haha)
  15. ENJOY rest of the student life in the US

Hope I can complete all of them by end of 2014 :D Do you make lists like this? What is on your list?

Hope you had a happy new year's event


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