Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Find out your Marriage Date

Since I write about the relationship as well, I thought it was an interesting article to share with you guys. This post is not about MY wedding date. I am not engaged or anything near that. haha
Before I say another word, here is a question for you.
Have you thought about marriage?
I have once.. well, more than once.. thought about "when am I going to get married?" I remember my friend telling me that her dream is to be a wonderful wife of a prince when she turns to 26. I am sure some of you have dreamed about being "princess" or "prince" of the most special person in the world in your life. or... some of you have heard somebody saying stuff like that.
Although I have talked with my best friend about by which age we will get married, I wasn't really interested in marrying someone. I didn't care about marriage as much as my friends did. I have always wanted to be a career woman! Work like crazy! I have dreamed about coming home and sleep immediately. I have a time for only friends and work!! BUT as I get older, people started talking about marriage around me. I went to some weddings. A lot of my friends on facebook are married now. Oh, I can feel how old I am really now. "Marriage" became more realistic with me.
Then, I saw this article on facebook. For my curiosity, I tried it. I would never thought I would click a link like this. It's almost scary how much others can influence me. Don't you agree? haha
It's a great app because...
  • The app doesn't post the result on my facebook page
  • I can decide whether I want to keep the result to myself only (or share with people)
  • It takes a second to get the result
  • It's fun
It's very simple.
  1. Go to the website
  2. Read the article (option)
  3. Click NEXT under "Is it time I got married?"
  4. link to your facebook
  5. get the result

Here is a link to the page

I am not sure how accurate the result is.
just for fun..
aren't you curious to see your marriage date?


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