Thursday, October 8, 2015

A guy who sat next to me - "News"

This Summer, I visited my friend in LA, California for more than a month.
One of my favorite things on a trip is to meet people.
I always meet and talk with someone who sits next to me. Maybe, I should say that someone talkative always sits next to me. It's fun. I like it. I don't mind.

On this trip, on the airplane, I sat next to this American guy who was born and raised in Oregon.
He sat on the window seat and was talking with a guy sitting on the aisle seat.
Then, I showed up and sat between them. .. . sorry for the interruption, guys.

He commented on something, and I responded. [which I forgot what it was about]
He started talking with me in a friendly and nice way.
We introduced ourselves and talked about things that we could see from the window. [he never shut the window. I have never sat people who didn't shut the window]
It was fun because we were able to see really pretty mountains, landscapes, and clouds!!
We tried to identify which mountain is what... but OF COURSE, I don't know a lot about Oregon geography. So I was basically listening to him trying to figure out.

As time goes by, he started talking about American news and world news.
Reading news wasn't my thing although many people, especially teachers and my family, TOLD ME to read / watch news. I just wasn't interested in them.

PLUS, I got too excited for this trip. So, I didn't sleep at all on the night before.
I just couldn't help myself getting bored. I really don't remember anything from that time.

"You don't know anything"
"You have to read news"
"What are you doing?"
"You have to watch news"
"You really don't know anything"
"You have to read news"
. . . . . .

Imagine that.
I listened to that 2 hours straight

make him stop! I will become a newspaper ><

I told him that I am not from Oregon, so I am not really familiar with Oregon geography.
I told him that I don't really know news in the US.
but I guess it didn't matter to him. I failed to entertain him for 2 hours because of my lack of knowledge in "news"

I was kinda embarrassed.
So while I was staying at a hotel [for a month ish], I watched news as much as I can.
I started reading news on my phone.

At the beginning, it was a pain!
Doing something that you aren't interested is a pain.
I realized that I have more stuff to talk about with people.

Now, I really like news.
I read new about POP culture, fashion, love, politics, rich people, and etc. [basically anything]
Still, I sometimes have a time when I really don't wanna read anything.
But I am kinda obsessed to know what is out there now. haha

My favorite places to get news are..
Line news, Buzzfeed, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo!news
You can choose many different types of news on Line. I receive at least 40+ information everyday. From what you received, you can also get 10+ more info each. Anyway, it's a good stuff.
I try to watch Buzzfeed at least for 2-3 hours everyday. It's not really the latest news stuff, but I get to learn what people are curious about.
I need to check other webpages too. Any suggestions??? Anyone??

I really had never thought that I would read news. haha
Never know who you will meet and how he/she influences you.
Adulting is shocking. ha

What things do you do which you thought you would never do?


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